Ensure EBS Snapshots are Encrypted at Rest

Elastic Block Store (EBS) snapshots are direct images of a point in time of your volumes that are directly connected to your compute instances. Sensitive data may be housed on your EBS snapshots and this is why it is a security best practice to ensure your data is encrypted at rest. This will also help you with NIST, HIPPA, GDPR & PCI-DSS compliance.

Audit & Remediation

  • Login into your AWS account
  • Navigate to the EC2 service at: https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2
  • On the EC2 Dashboard in the main panel, Under Resources select the Snapshots link.



  • In the main panel you have a list of all your snapshots. Under the Encryption column you see the current status. If listed as Not Encrypted you are not enforcing encryption.
  • Select the Snapshot that is currently not encrypted.



  • At the top left corner of the page, select Actions then choose Copy.



  • Under Copy Snapshot Select Encrypt this snapshot next to Encryption.
  • Press teh Copy button.



  • You can now safely delete the Snapshot that you made the copy from.
  • Select the Instance that you have noted from previous steps.
  • Set the Device to use the same name that it was set to previously.
  • Repeat steps for each volume that you have listed as Not Encrypted.
  • Repeat steps for each Region that you have volumes in.
  • Repeat steps for each AWS account that you have.
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