• AWS Security Audit
    AWS Security Scanning
    Do you know where your vulnerabilities are?
    Intelligent Discovery will audit your account and show
    you all your vulnerabilities in under 5 minutes!
  • AWS Inventory
    AWS Inventory
    Do you know what cloud assets you have?
    Intelligent Discovery will audit your account and show
    you all your assets and locations in under 5 minutes!
  • AWS Compliance
    AWS Compliance
    Do you know if your are Compliant?
    Intelligent Discovery will audit your account and show
    you who made changes and why!
  • AWS Cost Optimization
    AWS Cost Optimization
    Do you know where you are over spending?
    Intelligent Discovery will audit your account and show
    you where you can optimize costs!
AWS Security Vulnerability Scanning & Remediation

Intelligent Discovery helps you manage your AWS security with ease. Our industry-leading AWS vulnerability scanning and remediation tool allows you to quickly identify potential threats—without slowing down your infrastructure. Stay ahead of attackers looking for exploitable weaknesses by proactively identifying, resolving, and mitigating security threats through a user-friendly interface. Automate Security Auditing, Security Log Management, Customize Controls and so much more!





Intelligent cloud security for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Security Assessments

Proactive—not reactive—actions are imperative in managing security threats and repelling attacks. Threat alerts and proactive planning make for a healthy cloud.


Consistent and frequent security logs, inventory, and change log monitoring bring inventory management into a consolidated interface.


As an organization grows, so does the management complexity of compliance. Defined organizational rule sets and customization expedite compliance.

Cost & Usage

Consolidated capacity, cost, and volume tools are in an evolving and scaling environment without impacting production or breaking the bank.

Shared Responsibility, Covered

Do you really need to manage your own AWS security? Yes. According to the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, AWS is only responsible for securing its own infrastructure. This means that you are left to protect your own data and systems. Intelligent Discovery makes this easy. We offer a real-time display of control status by account. View all security assessments, remediation steps, threats and violations, instance inventories, and more within a convenient dashboard. Get all of your AWS security needs in one place.

Why Intelligent Discovery?


From AWS vulnerability scanning to instance inventories and more, all of your security data is easy to find, allowing you to take proactive action with ease.

AWS Exclusive

Intelligent Discovery is designed exclusively for AWS infrastructures. We’re not offering a cookie cutter design tweaked from a broader cloud solution.

AWS Partner

As a Standard Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network, we have been vetted and passed qualifications to AWS standards. We have an in-depth knowledge of AWS systems and are on top of the latest infrastructure changes and trends.

Read Only

Intelligent Discovery only has access to view data in the AWS user account and is NOT authorized to make any changes. This allows us to provide agile vulnerability scanning that won’t slow down your systems or produce any additional threats

Minimum Uptime

Thanks to our exclusive AWS cloud service focus, we are proud to offer a 99.5% minimum uptime. We leverage AWS services and operations to ensure your security tools are always available.


While our solution is comprehensive, we understand that some users have unique needs. We are happy to consider customization request to ensure your organization has everything you need to improve your AWS security.

Why AWS Security?

There’s a new breach every day, even in some of the most sophisticated systems around the world. Here are a few headlines highlighting why it’s important to take proactive action to secure your AWS data and infrastructure now.

Alteryx data breach left information on more than 120 million American households was sitting in a massive database found left exposed in an AWS S3 Bucket to anyone with a valid AWS account, which is free to obtain.

Exposed AWS buckets again implicated in multiple data leaks.
A series of data leaks in the past few months have once again implicated poorly secured Amazon S3 buckets, which are supposed to be private by default

Three publicly-accessible cloud storage buckets from data management company Attunity leaked more than a terabyte of data from its top Fortune 100 customers.
On May 13th, 2019 an UpGuard researcher discovered publicly accessible Amazon S3 buckets named “attunity-it,” “attunity-patch” and “attunity-support.”


Don’t let your organization appear in the next headline.

Use Intelligent Discovery AWS vulnerability scanning, compliance, and remediation tools to ensure your infrastructure is secure.

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