Ensure DocumentDB has Encryption Enabled

DocumentDB is amazon’s offering for a document store that closely resembles MongoDB as many libraries for Mongo work directly with DocumentDB. Since DocumentDB is a No SQL database, sensitive data could be stored with-in this database. It is for this reason why encrypting your clusters is a security best practice and will help you with NIST, GDPR, HIPPA & PCI-DSS compliance.

Audit & Remediation



  • Select the cluster name of interest in order to navigate to information specific to this cluster.
  • In the main panel, select the Configuration tab.
  • On the right side of the configuration panel, look for Encryption-at-rest just under Security and network.



  • If Encryption-at-rest is currently set to No, then encryption is not enabled.
  • At the top of the screen at the breadcrumbs, select Clusters to navigate back to the clusters screen.



  • Select the Actions button and then select Take snapshot.



  • Now in the left panel navigate to Snapshots.
  • Select the snapshot that you created in the previous steps and then in the top right corner, under the Actions button, select Restore.
  • Under Configuration evaluate the Number of Instances as this defaults to 3 and might not reflect what you had set previously.
  • Select Show advanced settings in order to locate the encryption settings.



  • Under the Advanced settings, locate the Encryption-at-rest settings.
  • Select Enable encryption in this window



  • Repeat these steps outlined for each DocumentDB cluster that you have.
  • Repeat these steps outlined for each Region that you are using.
  • Repeat these steps outlined for each account that you have.
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